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  • Radon facts in Idaho:
  • 1/3 of Idaho homes tested have high radon levels
  • The only way to know is to test your home
  • Test in the winter and in the basement or first floor

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Short-term test kits (3-7 days) are the perfect choice for first time testers because it acts as a screening measurement which can help to quickly assess the radon potential of your home, office, or school. Short-term tests are also popular for time-sensitive testing, such as during a real estate transaction where results are needed quickly. Short term tests are used as follow-up tests when screening measurements indicate radon concentrations more than twice EPA's action level (8 pCi/L and up). Long term test kits (3-12 months) are ideal for follow-up tests when initial short-term tests indicate borderline or slightly elevated radon concentrations (i.e., 2-8 pCi/L). Indoor radon concentrations can change significantly with season weather patterns so testing over a longer period can provide a more realistic estimation of your annual radon concentrations.

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